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        can you tell me what the IP rating is of the blizzard stretch part no 6555?
        Posted by david, United Arab Emirates               November 06 ,2014 @7:07am

        Hi David,
        Please take a look at this paper, which explains the relationship between the IP system and the NEMA3R system to which Tempest outdoor enclosures are tested and approved.
        Thank you for your interest in our products - please let us know how we can further help you.
        Posted by admin, United States               November 06 ,2014 @7:07am
        I have a question about CYCLONE
        Are there IP 55 compliance ?
        laurent puget LCD VISION
        Posted by PUGET, France               June 02 ,2014 @10:10am

        Hello Laurent,

        Thank you for this. The enclosures are approved in the US for MEMA3R, which is an outdoor weatherproof standard for electrical enclosures. It is quite different from the IP system, and actually better suited to the needs of this kind of equipment. The closest rough equivalent on the IP scale is IP54, but that doesn't mean so much, since it is for weather that they have been tested and approved. There is a paper on our FAQ page that explains this more fully - please click on the first link in Hot Topics - IP and NEMA Weatherproof ratings explained.
        Posted by admin, United States               June 02 ,2014 @10:10am
        Thank you Tim-san!
        I've just sent you the details via email.
        Please confirm. Asako
        Posted by Asako, Japan               May 15 ,2014 @9:09pm
        Hello Asako, thank you for this. Please email the Panasonic projector model number to and we'll get you a response right away. Please also tell us if this is for outdoor, indoor or noise-attenuation use.
        Posted by Tim Burnham, United States               May 15 ,2014 @11:11am
        We're trying to determine which of your products would cover a Panasonic projector. The size is,
        W: 498mm D: 556 H: 200. The closest seems to be, Blizzard 6510 Baby Enclosure, but is this too close? Please advise what is most appropriate, and safe.
        Posted by Asako, Japan               May 15 ,2014 @1:01am
        hi, i am looking for a projector enclosure for Barco Series 2 projectors, mainly DP2K-12C but am unsure which enclosure should be used.
        Posted by mohamad nasir, Singapore               November 18 ,2013 @11:11pm

        Hi Mohammed,
        You will need a Cyclone 8210 HUSH enclosure for this projector - assuming you will be using it indoors for boothless cinema. If outdoors then it's the 8210.
        Please email with your full contact details and we'll be happy to get you pricing.
        Posted by admin, United States               November 18 ,2013 @11:11pm
        Hi, I am looking to buy a projector enclosure that will be outdoors year round in Alberta, Canada. Temperatures reaching a low of 40 degrees (c) and about 6 months of snowfall. Will the Blizzard enclosures suffice? Or will I need a Tempest or Cyclone enclosure?
        Posted by H, Canada               November 05 ,2013 @11:11am

        Hello H!
        Either will be fine, especially with the recommended thermal insulation kit. Please email with your projector make and model and we will put a distributor in touch with you for the appropriate enclosure.
        Posted by admin, United States               November 05 ,2013 @11:11am
        Morristown New Jersey, usa
        Posted by Osezua Abhulimen, Nigeria               November 01 ,2013 @10:10am

        Please email with details of the projector make and model and we will pass your request to our national distributor.
        Posted by admin, United States               November 01 ,2013 @10:10am
        I am planning to buy a Tornado 2100 to protect a Lighting Effect Projector. We want to install the whole system outside in a ski resort.
        I would like to know what is the lowest design temperature of your equipment. I would also be interested to have a list of references for similar equipment in the same kind of environment.
        Kind regards
        Gerard Capony
        General Manager
        Posted by Capony, France               October 23 ,2013 @3:03am
        Hi. I am currently using a Cyclone 8200 Series Projector Enclosures for a laser projector. I would like to tilt the projector inside the case for 19 degrees upward. Would it be possible to do this and do I need to concern about the refractive index of the front glass?
        Posted by Heily Lai, Hong Kong               August 15 ,2013 @6:06am

        Hello Heili,
        This may well work since the glass we use for the projector window is very high quality.
        I suggest you try it and if it does NOT work then contact us and we can make a 19 degree window to fit your Cyclone using A/R glass.
        Please let us know how you get on!
        Posted by admin, United States               August 15 ,2013 @6:06am
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