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    Burj al Arab Hotel, Dubai

    Possibly the most iconic structure in the Middle East, and the world’s only seven star hotel, now shows off a spectacular video mapping show on its giant 300-meter high sail, thanks to 14 Barco HDQ projectors, housed in Tempest Cyclone 8500 enclosures, equipped with Tempest’s innovatibe AC Assist cooling technology.

    “The challenge for Tempest was the Dubai beachside environment – we regularly see night temperatures approaching 40C, and the humidity can be unbelievable here in summer,” says Gavin Coxon, of IBSTempest in Dubai. “The Barco projectors have 7,000 watt Xenon lamps, and will shut down if they see a temperature of 35C or above. At the same time, the air is full of salt, and condensation has to be avoided at all costs – what a nightmare! Tempest’s AC Assist solves all these problems by combining dehumidified cooled air with outside air when the projector lamp is running, dropping the temperature of the air entering the enclosure to a very safe 25 or so degrees.”

    IBSTempest worked closely with integrators Martin Professional Middle East LLC for the project, which required the enclosures to be arrayed on two separate rooftops on the beach side of the causeway to the hotel.

    Burj al Arab
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