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    Celebremos Campeche

    Tempest’s enclosures have recently played a vital role delivering one of Mexico’s most ambitious projection mapping shows in the country’s history. Taking place in the Mexican state of Campeche, the show was designed to showcase the region’s heritage – and in the process blow-away spectators with awe-inspiring visuals.

    The show is designed as a permanent installation for visitors to enjoy for years to come, which is why Tempest’s Blizzard enclosures were so important to the success of the show. Creative KAOS Management and its sister company, Proluxon, opted for the enclosures to provide protection for the six high output Christie S+14K-M projectors that powered the show.

    “This was a challenging yet hugely rewarding project, and we were thrilled with the service we received from Tempest,” says Valy Tremblay, production manager at Proluxon. “They provided excellent technical support throughout, with superb response times. The end result is simply stunning – a projection mapping display that the Campeche region can be proud of. The show encapsulates the spirit of the Campeche region and its people in a powerful medium.”

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