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    2014 Saks Fifth Avenue "An Enchanted Experience" from Integrated Visions Productions on Vimeo.

    Saks Fifth Avenue "An Enchanted Experience" Holiday Display

    For the 2014 holiday season, projection mapping experts at DWP Live teamed up with the projection design artists at Integrated Visions to produce an architectural video-mapped show that transformed the iconic façade of Saks Fifth Avenue in New York City.  DWP provided projection equipment and installation support, using six Barco HDF-W26 projectors—encased in Cyclone 8210 enclosures—and Coolux Pandora’s Box media servers to drive the display.

    The awe-inspiring show ran every ten minutes daily from November 24th through January 4th to an estimated audience of 25 million people.  DWP’s president Danny Whetstone credits Tempest enclosures with ensuring a seamless, remote-controlled production in the midst of extreme weather and limited access, allowing his team to execute one of the most anticipated projection-mapped shows in the world.  DWP now makes the Cyclone 8210 enclosures available to other production companies through newly launched DWP Rents.

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