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    Hot Topics
    IP and NEMA Weatherproof ratings explained.
    Tempest outdoor enclosures are tested to NEMA 3R, a North American standard for weatherproof electrical enclosures. Download the white paper to explain what this means and how it relates to the international IP system.

    Download pdf
    Monitoring over TCPIP - Tempest Equipment Management Protocol
    Encloures with the DEC3.3 controller (Cyclone, Blizzard, Typhoon, Tornado) may now be monitored over Ethernet, using a special firmware build and any standard RS485 to Ethernet adapter.
    Download the application guide for more information. Please address technical questions to hamish.dumbreck@jese.co.uk.

    TEMP Application Guide.pdf
    RDM Integration – where to go for help

    DEC3.2 and RDM Integration 

    RDM is shorthand for ANSI E1.20-2006, Entertainment Technology – RDM, Remote Device Management over DMX512 Networks. It’s a system where device discovery and monitoring takes place over existing DMX512 control networks. However, care must be taken that all network components (nodes, splitters, mergers etc) are truly RDM-compatible. Unfortunately, not all such components that claim RDM-compatibility are truly so. 

    Copies of the ANSI standard may be purchased online at: http:// webstore.ansi.org 

    RDM system components are improving each year, and building a working system is getting easier. However we still strongly recommend the use of an experienced RDM integrator when planning an RDM installation. Tempest Lighting has established relationships with some of the best RDM integrators around the world, who are waiting for your call. 

    Don't call us – call them. They're the experts. From East to West: 



    Simon Fraser 

    Ptarmigan Integration 

    Hong Kong 




    Hamish Dumbreck 

    JESE Ltd 





    Bill Ellis 

    Candela Controls, Inc 




    Of course, these companies are not the only qualified RDM integrators out there, but we know them, and we know they’re good.

    General Questions
    Why are Tempest Enclosures not IP66 or 67?
    They can't be! When your equipment lamp is running, we blow large quantities of air through the enclosure, so it cannot be a sealed box, which these IP levels would require. Tempest enclosures are tested and approved to NEMA 3R, a weatherproof standard for electrical enclosures. For a full explanation, see Hot Topics above.

    Do Tempest enclosures use air conditioning?
    Our customers report consistently that using air-conditioning based enclosures has caused them serious problems, particularly associated with condensation. When condensation is allowed to build up (and it's much harder to control with an AC system), what comes with it is a buildup of mineral deposits inside your enclosure – inside the window or globe, and inside the projector. It isn't heat or cold that kills expensive equipment outdoors, it's condensation.

    What happens if it gets really cold overnight?
    We have a lot of experience in supplying enclosures to customers with cold winter climates such as Canada, Russia and Scandinavia. The heaters fitted to Tempest enclosures will kick in to maintain a preset bottom threshold temperature (typically set between 0-10ᴼC), when the outside air temperature drops. Additional thermal insulation kits are available for all Tempest projector enclosures. Incidentally, these climates are typically very humid during the summer months, when the DEC will really come into its own and save you from condensation buildup.

    How will forced air cooling help in high ambient temperatures?
    There is a common misconception that the relationship between outside air temperature and inside ambient is linear – in other words if the temperature inside the enclosure is 30C when outside is 20C, then outside air at 45C means inside air at 55C. This is not the case – in fact, the differential between inside and outside air temperature can be shown to diminish to almost nothing as the ambient temperature increases. Tempest enclosures have been successfully cooling hot moving lights and projectors in locations like Las Vegas, Singapore, and Egypt for many years; the key is the rapid exchange of air. We change the air in the enclosure every couple of seconds, allowing no time for temperature buildup, and immediately extracting the hot air radiating off the equipment lamp. If you hold your hand in front of a Tempest enclosure exhaust vent, you may be surprised at how cool the air feels – this is because we never allow the air to stay inside the enclosure long enough for it to heat up.

    How do I mount Tempest Enclosures?
    Most Tempest enclosures come with two strips of Unistrut on the base, which can be used to mount to a wide variety of structures and custom plates and poles. In addition, Tempest supplies mounting kits for plate and pipe/truss mounting in a variety of sizes. See our product manuals for specific mounting guidelines by product. 

    What is the standard Tempest Warranty?
    For the lawyers among you, check out our standard terms and conditions download on the Contacts page. For the rest of us, we offer a 12-month warranty on parts and labor defects, which may be extended in 12-month increments at the time of purchase, for a modest fee. Maximum is one year free, plus four years paid extension. While we do have to have formal warranty terms like any business, it is absolutely our philosophy to help out our customers any way we can, and we will always err on your side in the event of gray areas in warranty questions. Happily, they don't happen very often.

    Can Tempest help me with a custom Enclosure?
    YES! Just call us – we do a lot of custom and semi-custom work, and we are always happy to discuss your requirements.

    Do I need to program the enclosure to make it work?
    Usually, no. Tempest enclosures work right out of the box using their default settings. You'll only need to read the control section of the manual if you plan on using DMX and RDM functions, or if you're going to adjust temperature settings for unusually extreme conditions. 

    Are Tempest enclosures available to rent?
    Yes – our partner rental companies will be glad to work with you on your rental requirements. For more information, See the Rental link on the home page.

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